Flooded British villages ignite climate debate

In this photo taken Sunday Feb. 2, 2014, a man walks along the raised banks of the flooded River Parrett near Muchelney in Somerset, England, the village has been cut off by road since Jan. 1 this year. Here on the Somerset Levels _ a flat, marshy region of farmland dotted with villages and scored by rivers and ditches _ it's often wet. But not this wet. Thousands of acres of this corner of southwest England have been under water for weeks, some villages have been cut off for more than a month, and local people forced to take boats to get to school, work and shops are frustrated and angry. Some blame government budget cuts and environmental bureaucracy. Others point to climate change. Even plump, endangered water voles are the target of ire.(AP Photo/Alastair Grant)THORNEY, England (AP) — As children climb into boats to get to school and scores of hoses pump floodwaters from fields day and night, one corner of southwest England is trying to reclaim its land. Other Britons watch and wonder: How much can you fight the sea?

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