The Price of Kim Kardashian's Safety: Why It Costs $100000 a Day to Protect Kanye West's Wife – E! Online

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The Price of Kim Kardashian’s Safety: Why It Costs $100000 a Day to Protect Kanye West’s Wife
E! Online
There’s no penny spared when it comes to protecting the West family, especially in light of Sunday’s horrific incident where Kim Kardashian was bound and gagged at gunpoint inside her Paris apartment. And now that the E! star and Kanye West are dealing …
Kim Kardashian West’s Robbers Likely Posed as Paparazzi Before
ICYMI: Wendy Williams Isn’t Ruling Out The Possibility That Kim Kardashian Might Be Making Up Her Paris Robbery!
Kim Kardashian Robbery Proves the Value of Celebrity Security, Experts SayBillboard
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